Talent Integration Workshop: Social Determination
(Module 3 of 3)

Duration: 6 Hours

What’s it about?

Our Talent Integration Programme provides a 3 part journey of self-discovery and aims to develop self-awareness, self and social determination in the context of the challenges that you may face now or in your future.  The Social-Determination module is the last in a series of three and has been developed to help you to explore how you develop and maintain relationships with others.


We are social beings and as such, our interactions can fluctuate between the simple and the complex.  The environment, culture and our own multi-faceted human disposition ensure that fostering collaborative and cooperative relationships is one of the most important activities in which we can engage.

This module is designed to help you enhance your abilities to develop substantive relationships by using communication methods and approaches that are practical and relevant to the social or business arena. It will help you avoid many of the classic errors that people make in these settings and will provide you with insights into developing your personality and charisma.

This module is highly practical and all the activities are linked to situations that you are likely to experience throughout your career including business presentations, meetings, job interviews, group presentations and assessment centres.

What topics are covered?

  • How perception impacts your communication and relationships
  • Getting beyond the ‘Yeah But..’ moment
  • The power of optimism
  • Developing engaging conversation#
  • Questioning your way to success
  • The language of authority and assertion
  • Offering and receiving feedback
  • Using critical reasoning in debate
  • Selling the idea – influencing the outcome
  • Networking beyond social media


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