Talent Integration Workshop: Self Determination (Module 2 of 3)

Duration: 6 Hours

What’s it about?

Our Talent Integration Programme provides a 3 part journey of self-discovery and aims to develop self-awareness, self and social determination in the context of the challenges that you may face now or in your future.  The Self-Determination module is the second in a series of three and will explore the factors that affect personal drive and focus and provide strategies for developing an optimistic and resourceful mind set.


“We are designed for success,” so said Charles Darwin and this module embraces this fundamental human truth by helping you easily access the strengths and abilities that are part of your unique identity.

This module is designed to enhance your willpower and ability to regulate negative mind-sets that are promoted by you or introduced by others. The positive benefit of this module is a real and measurable increase in self-belief and personal organisation skills.

This module is highly practical and all the activities are linked to situations that you are likely to experience throughout your career including business presentations, meetings, job interviews, group presentations and assessment centres.

What topics are covered?

  • Willpower as a cognitive condition
  • Neurogenesis and habit
  • What happens when willpower is hijacked?
  • Identifying what matters most?
  • The “perception – fear equation”
  • How to create an more objective view of a situation or experience
  • Understanding what is real or imagined in relation to feelings that hold us back
  • Looking for, planning for and creating opportunity

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