Talent Integration Workshop: Self Awareness (Module 1 of 3)

Duration: 6 Hours

What’s it about?

Our Talent Integration Programme provides a 3 part journey of self-discovery and aims to develop self-awareness, self and social determination in the context of the challenges that you may face now or in your future.  The Self-Awareness module is the first in a series of three and will introduce you to the concept of how you think and process information and will guide you on how to understand yourself and others to improve your levels of personal confidence.


This module provides a valuable platform to understand why your approach to situations can be highly productive and successful, or rob of you of progress and opportunity.

In this first part of our programme we explain the neuro-science surrounding risk analysis and choice, and how this combination can powerfully influence the choices we make in life. In addition, this module provides practical ways of re-training your brain so that it more readily moves you to making choices linked to your natural strengths and abilities.

This module is highly practical and all the activities are linked to situations that you are likely to experience throughout your career including business presentations, meetings, job interviews, group presentations and assessment centres.

What topics are covered?

  • The science of me
  • How perception influences our choices
  • How perception influences how we see our self and the choices we make
  • Risk analysis and its links to our emotions
  • Negative emotions and their impact
  • Positive emotions – our natural default position
  • What is emotional intelligence and why is it so important to employers
  • How emotional intelligence is linked to behaviours

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