Personal Skills Workshops: Simulated Selection Interview

Duration: 3 Hours

What’s it about?

Our Personal Skills Programme is a series of interactive ‘simulated’ workshops that will help you to develop your confidence in the context of a ‘life-like’ setting. Learn how to overcome barriers to effective personal performance such as anxiety and nervousness, which can hinder your ability to positively demonstrate your aptitudes and personal qualities, as well as your knowledge and experience. This module is suitable for individuals who want to improve their performance during the selection interview.


It is likely that the more you practice you get, the more you will develop your confidence of being interviewed.  Any type of practice will help, however the more realistic the interview process, the more likely it is that you will be able to create the ‘real life’ emotions that are often the most difficult areas of your own performance to understand and manage before and during an interview.

Taking part in a simulated interview, rather than a mock interview, will help you to become more familiar with the emotional reality of the interview process, such as the nerves you may experience beforehand or the uncomfortable silences and pressure you may feel whilst you respond to difficult questions.

Our workshops place emphasis on the realism of the interview and use traditional, behavioural and competency based interview questions to explore the interaction between the process and the skills of managing your emotions.

What topics are covered?

  • Interview preparation – know your qualities and personal attributes
  • Managing pre-interview anxiety
  • Making a positive first impression
  • Posture and physiology, managing your environment
  • Building rapport with the interviewer(s)
  • Understanding and managing negative thought processes to stay clam
  • Impact of voice tone, intonation and cadence
  • Ending the interview on a positive note 

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