Personal Skills Workshop: Simulated Assessment Centre

Duration: 3 Hours

What’s it about?

Our Personal Skills Workshop is a series of interactive ‘simulated’ workshops that will help you to develop your confidence in the context of a ‘life-like’ setting.  Learn how to overcome barriers to effective personal performance such as anxiety and nervousness, which can hinder your ability to positively demonstrate your aptitudes and personal qualities, as well as your knowledge and experience. This module is suitable for individuals who want to improve their performance during an assessment centre selection process.

Simulated Assessment Centre


Having the capacity to perform well during an assessment centre is a critical component for anyone trying to secure employment. The personal qualities that are assessed will vary between each organisation and the experience of the assessor and it is this fluid dynamic that causes assessment centres to appear and feel so challenging to the candidate.

This module provides a real-time opportunity for attendees to experience the rigour and challenges of an assessment centre. In addition to receiving knowledge about the structure and assessment methods, you will receive feedback on your style, approach and performance during the module’s simulation exercises.

What topics are covered?

  • The structure and rationale of assessment centres
  • The role and assessment methods of an assessor
  • How perception influences how an assessor sees a candidate
  • Methods, mechanisms, games and simulations – how a candidate is assessed
  • Managing your thoughts, emotions and behaviours during the assessment centre
  • Real-time assessment centre activities – participation and assessment

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