The Yeah But Experience

Our Programmes create a unique learning experience in which participants are encouraged to observe and enhance their interpersonal interactions.

In The Moment: A series of interactive seminars and workshops designed to help individuals develop an increased level of self-awareness in order that they can identify elements of their personality and behaviour that work for them

Fresh Choice: A series of highly practical seminars and workshops to help individuals expand their personal choices and decision making in the context of interpersonal interactions

In The Groove: A series of practical seminars, workshops and simulated events such as interviews and assessment center exercises with real business managers, that help individuals develop new skills and approaches with a view to increasing their personal success in life

Strength & Flourish: Bespoke coaching programmes designed to help individuals develop confidence in their unique self


We are exceptionally passionate as directors who have run our own businesses and our aim is to share our knowledge and experience by investing time in developing, mentoring and supporting others.


Our team of development experts have all worked in blue-chip organisations and in their approach package their wisdom and experience to fast track the development of others on a one to one basis.