In developing our skills of Entrepreneurship or Employability, many of us are willing to invest time and energy in gaining knowledge and advice on WHAT to do, but often overlook the need to develop the fundamental skills of HOW, by this we mean developing skills that enable us to manage our thoughts, our emotions and our behaviours, in short our emotional capability. We often leave these skills to simply develop in the fullness of time…but what if you could fast track your learning and take the same journey by a faster route?

At Yeah But we believe that a key factor for future success is the development of these skills and it should not be left to chance. Our programmes are purposeful and practical and designed to focus on developing your strengths so that you are better prepared for the needs and demands of the business world. Our team of Development Experts are chosen for their qualities and skills as well as their breath of qualifications and employment sector backgrounds. Our support is highly participative, and places you at the centre of the learning experience. Start your journey with us today. Check out our seminars and coaching support. Sign up as a ‘Yeah-But’ member to get FREE resources TODAY.


We are exceptionally passionate as directors who have run our own businesses and our aim is to share our knowledge and experience by investing time in developing, mentoring and supporting others.


Our team of development experts have all worked in blue-chip organisations and in their approach package their wisdom and experience to fast track the development of others on a one to one basis.